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Elitwee MyTwitter for WordPress

NOTICE: The Elitwee MyTwitter plugin for WordPress is no longer maintained (as of early 2011). I made this decision due to changes in the Twitter API and the availability of other high quality plugins which include all the features of MyTwitter and more (including oauth support).  I highly recommend the Twitter Tools plugin by Crowd Favorite / Alex King.

Download: Elitwee MyTwitter for WordPress (WordPress Plugin Directory)

Final Release: Version 3.0.3
Release Date: December 19, 2009
Requirements: WordPress 2.8 or newer, PHP 5.2.

Description: Elitwee MyTwitter for WordPress allows users to display their recent tweets on their blog and post to Twitter from plugin’s Settings page. The new version of MyTwitter allows users to configure one or more widgets for automatic inclusion in widget-enabled themes, or you can directly call the function from your theme to include it anywhere else you would like.

The plugin includes customization options including number of recent tweets to display, formatting options, and style settings.

Elitwee MyTwitter 3.0 requires WordPress 2.8+ and PHP 5.2 or higher. (Technical note: it uses Twitter’s JSON API and older versions of PHP do not include built-in support for JSON decoding).

Download and extract the contents of the ZIP file. Upload the elitwee folder to your WordPress plugins folder (e.g. Set your preferences in the Settings panel for “Elitwee MyTwitter” (including username, password, cache location, and formatting options).

Set the Cache Life. This establishes the length of time your site will wait between checking for new tweets from your Twitter account.

Ensure the web server is able to write to the directory you selected for cache location in the Elitwee MyTwitter Options panel (set permissions to 775 and make sure ownership is the same as your Apache user).

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use this plugin?

Configure the options for your Twitter profile using the Elitwee MyTwitter panel in the Settings pane of WordPress.

How do I display my Twitter updates?
Enable Elitwee MyTwitter in the WordPress Widgets administration screen. Alternatively, you can include the mytwitter() function in your theme template anywhere you want to display your tweets.

How do I style my tweets using CSS?
Example CSS code is included in example.css. To incorporate on your site, copy the code to the stylesheet for your current wordpress theme (usually style.css) and edit as needed. For most themes, this can be done by going to Presentation -> Theme Editor and then select “Stylesheet” from the theme files list.

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