Swarzy Website Refresh

The Swarzy website has been revamped with updated information about the services provided, a showcase of projects for recent clients, and links to apps Swarzy has built.

Swarzy is built using Next.js, React, and Tailwind CSS.

PageSpeed Insights screenshot

I spent time optimizing the site and it’s getting good results.
PageSpeed Insights: 98 for Performance and 100 each for accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

I’m starting to gather RUM (real user metrics) of Web Vitals using a trial version of RUMvision.

To get to this speed, I had to do a couple of important things:

1) ditch the third-party JavaScript for my email form and do a direct API integration.

2) Optimize image loading. “next/image” makes big promises, but if used carelessly it can damage your performance.

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