Life Lifehacks

Start small and keep going

Make small changes and improvements.  If you make small, incremental changes over and over and over again, it will add up to a bigger impact.

Mentor one person.

Write code for one small program, one small website, one small app.

Contribute to one open source repository.

Read one book.

Over time, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll grow your impact on others.


Front-End Engineer Career, Learning to Code – the interview with Matt Williams (HTBT)

I was interviewed by Matt Williams on the How to Build a Tent show and podcast; watch the video!

In the interview, we discuss how I began my front-end engineer career, how I learned to code, how you can learn to code, and more. Opinions expressed are my own and do not represent my employer.

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First Things First

“Do first things first, and second things not at all.”  – Peter Drucker

I love this quote. It’s about prioritization and deciding what to focus on in your life, in your work, with your time.

If you don’t know your mission and your vision, you won’t know what goals to set.  If you don’t know your goals, you won’t have a list of goals to prioritize.  If you don’t prioritize the list, you won’t know the most important thing to focus on right now.  If you don’t know what’s most important for you to focus on and get done now, you will not reach your goals, fulfill your vision, and complete your mission.

Clearly, I haven’t prioritized blogging, or you’d see more from me here.  I’ve been focused on growing in my career and at my work.  And that’s okay — it’s a conscious trade-off I’ve made.  And I’ve been focused on my life, dealing with the day to day elements of living, the grimy problems that come up that require the same sort of thought and juggling and prioritization.  Now I have to put down this laptop and go help assemble a side table because that’s my current “first thing”.