Launching my consulting business Swarzy LLC

After wrapping up a recent stint at an e-commerce startup, I’m embarking on the journey of creating Swarzy – my consulting and contracting business. You can learn more at and follow Swarzy on LinkedIn.

As a Principal Engineer and engineering leader with 9 years of experience at Amazon and 4 years of experience at startups and consulting projects, I have a wealth of experience available to share with others as a consultant and contractor on a wide variety of engineering topics with a specialty in front-end engineering and website building, creating, delivering, and optimizing.

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information about the consulting, contracting, and mentoring services available and view more details on the Swarzy website.

David Zach from Remedy Drive fights slavery

Listen to Calvin’s interview with David Zach from Remedy Drive. They talk about the origins of David’s band Remedy Drive, and about how he’s partnering with The Exodus Road to fight against slavery. Over 40 million people worldwide are impacted by human trafficking and slavery. Learn what David is doing about it and how you can use your skills and influence to make a difference — whether you’re an artist, musician, or technologist.

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You can also watch the video on YouTube: