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TheoTech podcast interview: Growing through Building Tech for Scripture Memory

I’m on a podcast (again)! Listen to Chris Lim’s interview with me about Growing through Building Tech for Scripture Memory on the TheoTech podcast. Chris interviews me about being a senior frontend engineer and creator of a scripture memory website and app called Verses for Life. Hear how I grew as a software developer through work and side projects like Verses for Life. We also chat about how side projects can level up your coding skills, the Bible licensing hurdles when it comes to building Christian apps, entrepreneurship challenges, and goals in the new year.

Growing through Building Tech for Scripture Memory

Life Lifehacks

Start small and keep going

Make small changes and improvements.  If you make small, incremental changes over and over and over again, it will add up to a bigger impact.

Mentor one person.

Write code for one small program, one small website, one small app.

Contribute to one open source repository.

Read one book.

Over time, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll grow your impact on others.


Front-End Engineer Career, Learning to Code – the interview with Matt Williams (HTBT)

I was interviewed by Matt Williams on the How to Build a Tent show and podcast; watch the video!

In the interview, we discuss how I began my front-end engineer career, how I learned to code, how you can learn to code, and more. Opinions expressed are my own and do not represent my employer.

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