Cal Freitas

I am a Principal Front-End Engineer for Vantage International and the CTO of Price Tempter. I created the Verses for Life website and app.

SaturdayHouse Lifehack #1 – Using Subversion to Manage Your Home Dir

I’ve been attending SaturdayHouse consistently for the past three months. A brief description of SaturdayHouse:

Seattle Saturday House is a weekly gathering of several people who meet and do … whatever they want! People work on projects, people talk about ideas, people conspire and hatch plans, and people play games with each other.

Last Saturday, people held a session about “hacks that make life simpler.” I took notes, and I’ve cleaned them up here for your viewing. If you’ve got any additional ideas to share or if you were one of the presenters and want to correct something I’ve posted here, please let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me (cal /at/ calvinfreitas dot com). – my home on the web is my home on the web. It is in the beginning. I will be using this site to release information about technology and items of interest, share experiences, and serve as a basis for releasing projects and relaying information about things I am working on.