When Andrew Crapuchettes calls, you should answer

I got a phone call from Andrew Crapuchettes in December.

He asked, “Are you available? We need your help.”

Here we are in February and the RedBalloon website has re-launched with a fresh design, a new homepage, new navigation, and a lot of other revamped features. I’ve enjoyed jumping in and helping their excellent team get the new launch out the door and off to a good start.

Good timing, too – RedBalloon is getting a traffic boost from freedom-loving people who want to find employment from companies who respect their values.

Moscow Silos (Moscow, Idaho)

At the Silos in Moscow, Idaho

Last week, I worked for a day from the silos in Moscow, Idaho, at a RedBalloon summit.

Rural places have #StartupLife, too, especially in the remote work era we’ve entered post-2020. It enjoyed seeing what the RedBalloon team is doing and building, and I learned a lot from folks that day.

Fun fact; one of the silos used to hold 10-million pounds of chickpeas. 🤯

Looking up from the bottom of the silo
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Swarzy

We’re grateful for a great 2021 which saw the launch of our Idaho-based business. It’s been fun building and shipping new websites and web applications for clients already, and we’re excited to take on more heading into 2022.