When Andrew Crapuchettes calls, you should answer

I got a phone call from Andrew Crapuchettes in December.

He asked, “Are you available? We need your help.”

Here we are in February and the RedBalloon website has re-launched with a fresh design, a new homepage, new navigation, and a lot of other revamped features. I’ve enjoyed jumping in and helping their excellent team get the new launch out the door and off to a good start.

Good timing, too – RedBalloon is getting a traffic boost from freedom-loving people who want to find employment from companies who respect their values.

Amazon Throwback

I had a throwback day in Spokane working with a couple of my favorite ex-Amazon product and UX leaders.

My client Vantage International landed a User Experience (UX) audit for Pigu, a Lithuanian e-commerce company. We spent the day reviewing the shopping workflow and closed out by ordering a few products for pickup from a local store in Lithuania. It’s not every day I get to do that!

Cal Freitas | Principal Engineer | Swarzy.com

Introduction to OpenAPI presentation in Coeur d’Alene

I gave an Introduction to OpenAPI presentation at a tech meetup in Coeur d’Alene on August 11, 2022.

The talk contains an overview of what the OpenAPI spec enables, how it can help teams and organizations by optimizing the process of defining and sharing knowledge about how an API works. And then I provided hands-on demo of how to write an OpenAPI spec and generate a server and client in TypeScript.

See the slides and the video below.