Mobile Web Development

The mobile web is important to target as internet users increasingly access websites via smartphones and other mobile devices.

When developing for mobile devices, a couple main alternatives present themselves:

  • target each device individually (a separate app for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, etc.)
  • target each device with a mobile website which functions on multiple platforms/browsers

A number of frameworks have begun to emerge in this space to ease the process of developing mobile sites with cross-platform support.

Frameworks for Mobile Website Development:

Each of these frameworks take different approaches, but their end goals are the same: make it easy for web developers to provide a good user experience for their website or web application on a wide range of mobile devices. If you’re looking to do so, I’d recommend looking into these three mobile frameworks as potential solutions.

I had the opportunity today to hear from several speakers including Nicholas Zakas (Yahoo!), James Pearce (Sencha), Tom Dale (SproutCore), and Dan Heberden (jQuery).

I’m including links to slides from some of the talks and I’ll add others as they’re made available.

High Performance JavaScript by Nicholas Zakas

Building cross platform mobile web apps by James Pearce