A good day at WordCamp Seattle 2013

I’m attending WordCamp Seattle 2013 today.

Who is in attendance?

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Users
  • Bloggers
  • dads, moms, babies
  • … all kinds of folks

Why do people attend?

I’m attending in order to learn, to interact with the WordPress community, and to see how much WordCamp Seattle has grown since I organized the first two of them in 2009 and 2011.

Whose talks did I go to?
Scott Berkun’s talk “Write or Die”.

  • Words are the central purpose of WordPress. Writing is the point.
  • Not all traffic is equal – most traffic is drive-by trash
  • “There is a big gap between work that is popular and work that is good.”
  • “If you can’t figure out how to write as often as you want, stop trying.”
  • There’s no pressure for the first post on a new blog. Nobody will read it anyway.
  • Good books about writing: “Writers at Work
  • When writing a post, consider: “What is my angle? What is my promise?”
  • “You only write as well as what you read.”
  • “The first draft of anything is shit” – Hemmingway
  • Recommendation: The Best American Essays of the Century
  • How to write 1000 words
  • “When I am stuck, now I am ready to be a writer. I have to start thinking. I have to be a writer now.”

[email protected] – Why WordPress?

  • Over the past 10 years the web has evolved into a place to exchange ideas
  • “WordPress is a gateway drug” for web development and design

Eric Mann – Automated WordPress Development
Summary: follow best practices for CSS and JS development. Separation of concerns. Use meaningful names. Concatenate and minify.

Don’t use too many files. (See Souders roundup on parallel connections which has much more detailed and accurate information than the presentation.)

Use GruntJS to make your CSS and JS build process less painful.

grunt-wp-plugin – generate WordPress plugin files
grunt-wp-theme – generate WordPress theme files

Speaking at Seattle WordPress Developers Meetup in October

I’ll be speaking at the October Seattle WordPress Developers Meetup.

Web Performance Optimization for WordPress

I will be presenting on web performance optimization for WordPress with an emphasis on front-end optimization. I’ll provide tips and tricks for optimizing WordPress sites, best practices for theme and plugin development, and information about plugins and tools to help you optimize WordPress sites.

Date & Time
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Alibi Room

I’ll post slides after the meetup.

Notes from W3C Conference 2011 (W3Conf)

The first W3Conf occurred on November 15 and 16, 2011, in Redmond, Washington. It focused on practical standards for web professionals, HTML5, and the open web platform.

Below, I have a list of the presenters and links to the slides (where available). You can watch videos of the presentations. (Currently, this includes Day 1 speakers; I’ll be adding Day 2 speakers and links soon.)

Presenters, Topics, and Slides
Testing to Perfection
Philippe Le Hegaret (W3C)

W3C Community Groups
Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar)

Shortcuts: Developer Resources
Doug Schepers (W3C)

6 CSS Magic Potions for your Layout Troubles from the Future
Divya Manian (Opera)

Web Graphics: A Large Creative Palette
Vincent Hardy (Adobe)

Web Performance: Making the Web Faster
Arvind Jain (Google)

Shortcuts: Getting Offline with the HTML5 Appcache
John Allsopp

N-Screens: Building apps in a world of TV & Mobile
Rajesh Lal (Nokia)

The Great HTML5 Divide: How polyfills and shims let you light up your sites in non-modern browsers
Rey Bango

Shortcuts: Web Typography
Christopher Slye (Adobe)

HTML5: The Foundation of the Web Platform
Paul Irish (Google)