Notes from W3C Conference 2011 (W3Conf)

The first W3Conf occurred on November 15 and 16, 2011, in Redmond, Washington. It focused on practical standards for web professionals, HTML5, and the open web platform.

Below, I have a list of the presenters and links to the slides (where available). You can watch videos of the presentations. (Currently, this includes Day 1 speakers; I’ll be adding Day 2 speakers and links soon.)

Presenters, Topics, and Slides
Testing to Perfection
Philippe Le Hegaret (W3C)

W3C Community Groups
Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar)

Shortcuts: Developer Resources
Doug Schepers (W3C)

6 CSS Magic Potions for your Layout Troubles from the Future
Divya Manian (Opera)

Web Graphics: A Large Creative Palette
Vincent Hardy (Adobe)

Web Performance: Making the Web Faster
Arvind Jain (Google)

Shortcuts: Getting Offline with the HTML5 Appcache
John Allsopp

N-Screens: Building apps in a world of TV & Mobile
Rajesh Lal (Nokia)

The Great HTML5 Divide: How polyfills and shims let you light up your sites in non-modern browsers
Rey Bango

Shortcuts: Web Typography
Christopher Slye (Adobe)

HTML5: The Foundation of the Web Platform
Paul Irish (Google)

By Calvin Freitas

I am a Principal Front-End Engineer for Vantage International and the CTO of Price Tempter. I created the Verses for Life website and app.