PublicSq. - America's Marketplace

Lead Front-End Engineer at PublicSq.

Today, I started a full-time position as Lead Front-End Engineer at PublicSq – America’s Marketplace. I’m excited!

I’m the first full-time front-end engineer on a new team and will have the opportunity to shape the direction of how we build the website on desktop and mobile web.

Swarzy will continue to operate; Verses for Life (over 10 years old), the Verses for Life apps, and PsalmList (brand new) are not going anywhere. Though I’ll have to work on them on the weekend now. 😀

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Principal Front-End Engineer at Vantage

I’ve begun a position as a Principal Front-End Engineer at Vantage International. As a Principal Front-End Engineer at Vantage International, I provide my vantage point to our clients about how to improve the experiences they provide users and drive business growth by raising the skills, quality, and effectiveness of their engineering organizations.

I’ve been striving towards the mythic Principal Front-End Engineer role for years. I’m thrilled to be living and breathing the role at a place where we can share our cumulative decades of technology and business leadership experience with clients.

Being a principal engineer means looking ahead and planning for what’s coming. You architect and build systems and processes that scale with your customers and business growth, and adapt to changing needs. You have a picture in your head of what needs to happen now, what needs to happen next, and work with stakeholders to make it happen.

Between my work with Vantage clients and Price Tempter, I’m living remote life to the fullest and getting a double dose of startup life, too.

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Start small and keep going

Make small changes and improvements.  If you make small, incremental changes over and over and over again, it will add up to a bigger impact.

Mentor one person.

Write code for one small program, one small website, one small app.

Contribute to one open source repository.

Read one book.

Over time, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll grow your impact on others.

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